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Our team of antivirus service provider is a dedicated expert team of antivirus who offers the high-quality third-party services of Trend Micro Antivirus technical issues. It ruins on strict privacy policies that are established to maintain both corporate and personal information and follow the procedure with confidentiality, security, and accuracy. Our plan and procedure of privacy policy restricted with aim of protection of the customers integrity and restriction to use them. We make clarification and never distribute or share customer’s information with any organization.


We take sole responsibility to protect customer’s information privacy from misuse and mentioned under policies. For identifying purpose the information collected from the customers and will be used for company identified at the time of collection purposes only.


Without customer’s knowledge and consent no service will be active and will be used or disclosed where needed and the confirmation under legal negligence. The department is only viable only the necessary details or information will be collected from the users for identified purposes only.